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Vikings Hairstyles Worn by Ragnar’s Sons

Vikings Hairstyles Worn by Ragnar’s Sonsfeatured

by Got a multi-style video for you today! This tutorial, up just in time for the return of Vikings season 4, features all the hairstyles of Ragnar’s now-adult sons – Bjorn, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd, and Ivar. There’s a range of hair lengths, styles, and difficulties to choose from among the Ragnarsons, so everyone should be Read more

Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstyle

Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstylefeatured

by In case you haven’t noticed, a big trend in the hairstyling industry right now is the fluffy, deconstructed braid look – especially with the braid mohawk look. Visual intricacy and detail is my artistic aesthetic 100%, so I’m totally on board with the piecy-ness and organic shape that comes with it. Now that summer Read more

Amy Bailey on Viking Braids for Short Hair

Amy Bailey on Viking Braids for Short Hairfeatured

by In most tv shows and movies, fancy braiding only happens on long hair. While watching the History Channel’s show Vikings, it’s hard not to notice the long lengths of hair that fall down the actors’ backs and the thick piles of braids on their heads. However, I recently sat down with Amy Bailey, who plays Queen Read more