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Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstyle

Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstylefeatured

In case you haven’t noticed, a big trend in the hairstyling industry right now is the fluffy, deconstructed braid look – especially with the braid mohawk look. Visual intricacy and detail is my artistic aesthetic 100%, so I’m totally on board with the piecy-ness and organic shape that comes with it. Now that summer is Read more

Behind the Scenes Look at the Hair from Vikings

Behind the Scenes Look at the Hair from Vikingsfeatured

Recently I had the fun opportunity to work on a Vikings hair tutorial with Amy Bailey (Queen Kwenthrith). Her hair is very short now, so we created a video teaching you how to take iconic Vikings braids and translate them into techniques that work with short locks. Find the video here to see the results! Afterwards, Read more

Amy Bailey on Viking Braids for Short Hair

Amy Bailey on Viking Braids for Short Hairfeatured

In most tv shows and movies, fancy braiding only happens on long hair. While watching the History Channel’s show Vikings, it’s hard not to notice the long lengths of hair that fall down the actors’ backs and the thick piles of braids on their heads. However, I recently sat down with Amy Bailey, who plays Queen Kwenthrith Read more

Reign Hairstyle Tutorial

Reign Hairstyle Tutorialfeatured

The CW’s Reign returns for the second half of season three in a couple weeks, so I figured this was a good time to finally make a Reign video that many people have requested. If you’ve never seen Reign, it’s basically a teen romance/drama set in 16th century Europe during the (fictional) young life of Read more