Tutorial for Aloy Braided Hairstyle in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Tutorial for Aloy Braided Hairstyle in Horizon: Zero Dawnfeatured

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Video games are in a major renaissance right now. The graphics are fantastic, the immersion is strong, and the storylines are as good if not better than a lot of tv and movies these days. Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of those titles, so as soon as it came out, I was obsessed with getting through it! It helps that the heroine Aloy is a badass redhead as well 😉

On top of all that, Aloy wears an awesome braided twist hairstyle. Animated hair can be difficult to replicate because it doesn’t need to obey any real world physics, but this style is just too good to pass up. So check out this tutorial for Aloy’s hair in Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Difficulty: Moderate

Hair Length: at least shoulder

Materials: small hair elastics

Skills needed: Dutch lace braid

Time cost: 30-50 minutes

Ideal hair type: straight or wavy


Products shown in this video are:

Sexy Hair 450 Protect Heat Defense

Hot Tools hair crimper

Kenra Texture Spray


Step 1) Crimp all your hair to get lots more volume. Seriously – Aloy’s twists need a lot of thickness! I love using the Hot Tools hair crimper to get the job done.

Step 2) Make a twist down the center of your head, and tie it off at your crown.

Step 3) Make two more twists, one on either side of the center one. All the hair on the top of your head should be used up in these three twists. Then cross the tails of the outside twists over the elastic holding the center twist, and tie the tails together underneath that first elastic so that all hair ties are hidden. Pull on little bits of the twists to fluff them out.

Step 4) With the upper half of hair on the side of your head, start making a twists towards the back. Halfway through, switch into doing a Dutch lace braid. Make the Dutch lace braid until you reach the elastics in the back, and then finish the braid to the ends. Repeat on both sides of your head.

Step 5) Make one more set of twists with almost the rest of the hair on the sides of your head (but leave out a little strip above your ears). Tie these twists together at the back of your head underneath the mini ponytail formed by the twists on top of your head.

Step 6) With the remaining hair above your ears, make a small Dutch lace braid on each side of your head.

Step 7) Make two more normal braids with some hair behind your head, so that one each falls over each of your shoulders.

Aloy braid hairstyle

finished look of Aloy’s style in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Hope you liked this tutorial! And seriously – if you haven’t seen this game yet, you should really check it out!

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