Brand Opportunities

Since I focus on replicating specific hairstyles, it is often the case that I need specific tools and products to achieve the correct end result. Hence, I am always open to mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities with brands.

My Youtube channel is uniquely situated to reach a receptive new audience for your company. I specialize in tv and movie hairstyling, and am one of the most influential channels on Youtube in that domain. Thus my audience is actively looking for hairstyling tools, products, and accessories that can help them achieve these looks. They’re also not always the same audience watching more general hairstyling channels, so a partnership with my channel could result in many new and interested customers.

In the past I have made different kinds of branded videos, such as product reviews, giveaways, routine videos, and hairstyling tutorials that feature a specific product. Some examples of these videos are below.

I can make a video featuring your product or service and my honest opinion of it in any of these formats. In addition, I always include relevant url’s in the video description box and promote the product repeatedly on other social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re interested in a sponsorship, please send me an e-mail at