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Missandei’s Curly Braid Style

Missandei’s Curly Braid Stylefeatured

by While there are some great hairstyles all across tv and movie these days, there’s actually quite a lack of curly hair. It’s even harder to find black women in media with natural hair. So¬†even though I myself have rather stereotypical Caucasian hair, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some beautiful natural braided Read more

Daenerys Hairstyles from Qarth

Daenerys Hairstyles from Qarthfeatured

by Anyone feeling Game of Thrones withdrawal yet? Well, instead of just fixating on every little bit of show news you can find, here’s a nice tutorial for more Thrones hair! In this video I show you how to do the two braided hairstyles Daenerys wore in Qarth way back in season 2. In terms Read more

Arya’s Braavos Braids

Arya’s Braavos Braidsfeatured

by We are getting ever closer to the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones! Less than two weeks now! Here’s another tutorial for a style seen in behind the scenes photos, but this one is even more exciting because Arya is finally wearing braids again for the first time in four years! (Geez has Read more

Daenerys Season 5 Braided Updo

Daenerys Season 5 Braided Updofeatured

by Less than a month until the season 5 Game of Thrones premiere! I’m ridiculously excited and can barely hold on. Luckily, HBO has released a lot of preview material for the upcoming season, including behind the scenes pictures, multiple trailers, and a great Day in the Life 30-minute documentary about a day on the Read more

Daenerys’ Meereen Braids

Daenerys’ Meereen Braidsfeatured

by As of tomorrow, my most popular Youtube video thus far will turn one year old, so here’s a post about it! This tutorial teaches you how to get Daenerys’ Meereen braids from season 4. This style is particularly interesting because it’s very unlike anything she’s worn before. It’s like she’s trying on a new Read more