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Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstyle

Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstylefeatured

by In case you haven’t noticed, a big trend in the hairstyling industry right now is the fluffy, deconstructed braid look – especially with the braid mohawk look. Visual intricacy and detail is my artistic aesthetic 100%, so I’m totally on board with the piecy-ness and organic shape that comes with it. Now that summer Read more

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorial

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorialfeatured

by I had to take off for a couple a weeks for personal life stuff, so I haven’t been around Youtube as much lately. But I’m back now with a new original style tutorial! This video aims to bring the intricacy and beauty of the “Renaissance Faire” style of hair into a manageable format for Read more

Fused Fishtail Braid How To

Fused Fishtail Braid How Tofeatured

by It’s a new braid y’all! Or at least it’s one that I figured out how to do that I’ve never seen before. It looks like two fishtails smooshed together, but it requires no bobbypins or anything like that to do. So let’s call it the Fused Fishtail! Here’s a quick explanation in text for Read more