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Lexa’s Edgy Grounder Hairstyle

Lexa’s Edgy Grounder Hairstylefeatured

by The 100 on the CW network just started its third season and is becoming increasingly popular as a post-apocalyptic drama show. One of the main characters, Commander Lexa of the Grounders, is also becoming increasingly popular with the fans. So today, we’re going to do her textured and edgy hairstyle. In order to make Read more

Octavia’s Warrior Hair

Octavia’s Warrior Hairfeatured

by The 100 seems to have a very vocal fan base, because I’ve gotten a lot of requests for Octavia’s hair and then from everyone else, they haven’t heard of the show! After binge watching it for hair research, though, I found the concept really unique. So if you’re a sci fi or dystopian fan, Read more