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This is my very first youtube tutorial I ever did! Some background to it – in February 2013, I took a bunch of pictures of myself replicating Game of Thrones hair as a project to fill my time while I was bored over winter break. I posted the pictures to /r/gameofthrones on reddit to share them since I thought they were a little cool. I expected to maybe get a couple dozen upvotes, but I so underestimated, haha. The post went viral on reddit and on imgur (it’s still one of the top posts of all time on /r/gameofthrones), and I got so many requests to tutorials that I started up my Youtube channel just a few days later. This was the most requested style from that original post, so it became my first tutorial. Hence why I spend several minutes talking about reddit at the beginning of the video.

I’ve gotten better at video making since then but to this day this style still remains one of my favorites. It’s quite elegant and would be perfect for a wedding or another formal occasion. I also enjoy it because I think it really matches Catelyn’s character, who is one of the most pure and graceful people on the show. Take a look at the video, and let me know what you think of the style! There are some basic text instructions below it as well.

1) Collect a section of hair from each side of your upper forehead and rope braid these sections so that the strands twist together towards the ceiling.

2) Bring these rope braids together at the upper back of your head, and tie together one strand from each rope braid. That way the tie tends to hide itself beneath the strands that are falling free. If you don’t really care about that though you can just tie both braids together entirely.

3) French braid the rest of your hair, beginning right below the rope braids.

4) When the French braid is finished to the ends, make a hole with your fingers in your hair beneath the braid at your neck hairline and tuck the tail of the braid up into the hole, being careful not to let it poke out anywhere in the upper French braid.

5) Pin this hole closed a few times with bobbypins or spin pins, and you’re finished!

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