Daenerys’ Khaleesi Braids

Daenerys’ Khaleesi Braidsfeatured

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Here’s another oldie but goodie. This tutorial teaches you how to do Daenerys’ classic Khaleesi Dothraki braids from the first season of Game of Thrones on yourself. Specifically, this style is from the scene where she’s eating the horse heart and where the Stallion Who Mounts the World prophecy is declared about her son Rheago. To learn how to do these braids, you can read the general instructions below, or watch the full video!

1) Pick up a section of hair from your temple and braid it to the ends, securing with a small hair elastic. Make the same sized braid in the same position on the other side of your head.

2) Bring these braids back to the center of the back of your head and secure together with an elastic. Undo the braiding below this point.

3) Now pick up a section of hair along your hairline on the side of your head above your ear. Split it into three parts, and French lace braid backwards toward the little ponytail you formed with the first two braids. When you reach the center of the back of your head, stop adding in hair and braid to the ends. Make a mirror image lace braid on the other side of your head.

4) When you reach the center of the back of your head with the second braid, gather up both lace braids and the tail of the first two braids and secure these together with another small hair elastic. Release the braiding beneath this point as well.

5) Finally, find two small sections of hair from the hairline at your neck and rope braid these bits. Then drape them around and on top of the rest of your hair and tie them to the small ponytail like you did with the last two braids. Release the braiding below this elastic, and you’re finished.

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