Daenerys’ Meereen Braids

Daenerys’ Meereen Braidsfeatured

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As of tomorrow, my most popular Youtube video thus far will turn one year old, so here’s a post about it!

This tutorial teaches you how to get Daenerys’ Meereen braids from season 4. This style is particularly interesting because it’s very unlike anything she’s worn before. It’s like she’s trying on a new identity as Queen of Meereen, and her outfitting represents her outward expression of this. It’s also an exciting style because it’s not terribly difficult and not extensive, so most people can learn this style with practice and wear it easily in their every day life. It also works on almost any length – anywhere from a chin-length bob to as long as the floor. Just watch this video to get started on learning!

The two braids on either side of the head are basically French rope braids. This means that you do a normal rope braid where you twist two strands of hair in one direction and twist them together in the opposite direction. The only difference for a French rope braid is that you add more free-hanging hair to each strand of the braid after each 180 degree twist together. The trickiest part of this style is just figuring out the best way to do a French rope on yourself, and getting the braids to be symmetrical.



This is probably my favorite Dany style to wear on a normal day because it’s pretty quick and looks interesting but not as eccentric as some of her other styles (like that braided updo in season 5). But if you want to try out some of Daenerys’ other braided hairstyles, for normal life, formal hair, cosplay, or whatever, check out my Youtube playlist on Game of Thrones hair. There’s lots of her styles in there from all five seasons.

Leave me a comment below telling me what you think of this tutorial and where you would wear this hairstyle!

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