Daenerys Season 5 Braided Updo

Daenerys Season 5 Braided Updofeatured

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Less than a month until the season 5 Game of Thrones premiere! I’m ridiculously excited and can barely hold on. Luckily, HBO has released a lot of preview material for the upcoming season, including behind the scenes pictures, multiple trailers, and a great Day in the Life 30-minute documentary about a day on the set of Game of Thrones. This helped satiate my GoT thirst as I’m sure it did for many other fans as well. Part of what we see in this material is especially exciting for our purposes here – there are two new Daenerys hairstyles to look forward to. One of them utilizes the draped tiers of tied-together braids in the back like Daenerys often wore in earlier seasons with the Dothraki, but this time she has more volume in the back and more defined curls. This one you can see in the making-of documentary. The second one is more of a wrapped braided updo and can be seen on Daenerys during her scenes in the fighting pit later in the season. Because we get such great views of these styles early on, I made this tutorial for you all ahead of the season premiere so that you can learn them and be ready for the first episode!

Materials needed: bobbypins, six small elastics, hair bump

Time cost: 20-50 minutes

To do the first style:

1) With center-parted hair, make a line running from your ear to two-thirds of the way back along your part. Collect all the hair in front of this line and Dutch braid it front the back until you run out of hair from this section. Make an identical Dutch braid on the other side of your head.

2) Place your hair bump underneath the rest of the hair falling over the crown of your head and pin in place.

3) Grab a section of hair behind one of your Dutch braids, comb upwards, and braid to the ends. Do the same with a section of hair from behind the other Dutch braid.

4) Drape and pin this second set of braids over the top and around the opposite side of the hair bump.

5) Secure the ends of these braids together at the back of your head. To be most screen accurate, make this tie level with your neck (or make it higher if your hair isn’t long enough).

6) Tie the Dutch braids together at the back of your head as well, below the other tier of braids (screen accurate would place them partway down the shoulder blades but you should put them where your hair length allows).

For the second style:

1) Make the same Dutch braids and hair bump.

2) Grab sections of hair from behind the Dutch braids again, but braid them straight back this time instead of upwards.

3) Take some hair along your neck hairline and turn it into two more braids. You should now have six braids in total – a set on top, a set in the middle behind your ears, and a set at your neck.

4) Drape and pin the middle set of braids below and then up and around the hair bump. When you do the right braid, pass it under a small bit of free hanging hair as you pin it along the bottom of the hair bump.

5) Drape and pin the neck braids up around the outside of your free hanging hair and over the top of the hair bump. Again, with the braid passing to the right side, bring it up through some free hanging hair rather than completely around all of it.

6) Tie the top Dutch braids behind you and beneath all your free hanging hair.

braided Daenerys hair from season 5 of Game of Thrones

Finished look of the second Daenerys hairstyle

In the video tutorial and this picture I left my hair straight, but to look exactly like Daenerys you should curl the rest of your hair with a curling wand or iron. Use setting lotion before hand to make the curls more resilient. The show hairstylists have said they use Wella products for that (just a warning though – Wella is hella expensive!).

Hope you enjoy!

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