Easy DIY Halloween Hair Accessories

Easy DIY Halloween Hair Accessoriesfeatured

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Stuck answering the door this Halloween, or can’t wear a full on costume to work?

Recently I collaborated with two other lovely Youtube ladies, RoxyRocksTV and Nicole Matthews Makeup, to make some fun and informative videos for the Halloween season. For my video, we got together and created three quick and easy Halloween hair accessories that you can do at home as well. Neither of us are any good at sewing and I bought all the supplies on my measly student budget, so you can be sure they’re quick, easy, and affordable to make for yourself!

Just follow the text instructions below, or watch the video at the bottom of this page for a more detailed how-to.

bat bow hair accessory

1. Bat Bow

Na na na na na na na na BAT BOW!!!

For this accessory you’ll need a blank hair barrette, stiff black fabric, and either needle & thread or a hot glue gun. You’ll also need a pattern to cut the fabric into the right shape. You can draw your own to resemble what I use in the video below, or you can download one I made for you here and print it out.

To start, cut out a strip of fabric, then cut the rest of it into the pattern shape. Then fold it inwards hot-dog style (along the longer axis). Then fold the edges back down to meet the fold in the middle. Sew these folds with a few stitches or glue them together to hold them in place. Place the bow over the top of the blank barrette, wrap the strip of fabric around the middle and through the barrette to hold the two together tightly, and then either glue or sew the edges of this strip together.

Halloween hair bouquet

2. Halloween Hair Bouquet 

This is more of a free-for-all for those of you who like to have a bit more freedom with your creative projects.

Choose an assortment of fabrics for this style to contrast with each other, and then cut them into circles and ovals of different sizes. I used a pad of black feathers, black tulle, orange ribbon and felt for a pleated fabric flower, and a black organza fabric flower with a pearl in the center. Basically, whatever I could find at the craft store. You’ll also want a blank hair clip for securing all this in your hair when you’re done.

If you want to make a fabric flower, first cut a small circle out of the felt. Then lay the beginning of the ribbon along the edge and sew these together with a few stitches. Then fold the ribbon back on itself, and fold forward again a little ways up the ribbon length to make a pleat. Sew this pleat to the felt. Continue pleating and sewing the ribbon all around the felt circle. When you get back to where you started, cut the ribbon and fold the free edge underneath the most recent pleat. Sew in place.

Then just sew the layers of fabric together so that the smallest circles are on top and the larger ones are beneath. Sew everything to the blank hair clip, and you’re done!

Spider Web Head Band Halloween Hair Accessory

3. Spider Web Headband

A cute headband with a spooky touch! Perfect for all ages.

You’ll need a blank headband, small circle of felt, larger circle of black tulle, white craft wire, and white embroidery thread. You can also get a black pipe cleaner if you want to add a little spider to your web.

First cut three lengths out of the craft wire that are as long as the diameter of the tulle circle. Place them in an overlapping pattern like the spokes on a wheel and sew them to the tulle where they cross. Then sew one edge of the wire to the edge of the tulle with a couple stitches, bring the thread across the top of the tulle to the next wire edge, sew that in place, and make a circle all around the outer edge of the tulle, connecting all the wires. Fold the end of the wires over these stitches to keep them from sliding out and keep them from catching in your hair. Make another smaller circle inside this outer one using the same technique, and one final tiny circle near the middle of the web.

If you’d like to make a little spider at this point, cut five small pieces out of the pipe cleaner. Lay four of them together and tightly wind the fifth one around the middle of these four. Bend the edges of the four pieces out to make distinguishable legs, and you have a pipe cleaner spider!

Then, sew this little guy to your web, glue/sew the small felt circle to the back of the web, and glue/sew this to the blank headband at an off-center position.

Want more detailed instructions for these accessories? Watch the full DIY instructional video below! You should also watch the other videos we made for Halloween, including pumpkin carving and candy tasting!

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