Elegant Feathered French Braid Updo

Elegant Feathered French Braid Updofeatured

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Holiday season is upon us (in fact today is Thanksgiving for all you Americans!), so it’s good to have a hairstyle or two in mind for any holiday parties you go to this winter. This is a tutorial for one such hairstyle – a feathered french braid updo. I first posted this style on my Instagram a year and a half ago, and people really enjoyed it. Now I finally got around to filming it!

The base of this hairstyle is a French feathered braid. Feather braids involve splitting off and dropping sections from each strand of the braid every time you are about to weave it over the center, and the French part means you also add some new hair into the strand you just split a feather section off of. It looks intricate, but is easier than it seems!

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least collar bone length
Materials: small hair elastics, bobby pins
Skills needed: French feather braid
Time cost: 20-50 minutes
ideal hairtype: straight or wavy

Step 1) Draw two parts from your forehead to the back of your neck in order to section your hair into three parts.

Step 2) French feather braid the middle section – treat it like a regular French braid where you add in new hair to each section, but before you do that, split the section in half and drop/clip this split off section out of the way for now. When there’s no more hair to add in, braid this hair normally to the ends and secure with a small elastic.

Step 3) Make French braids with both side sections of hair. When you’re adding new hair to the section closest to the top of your head, also add in one feathered piece that you dropped earlier. Braid these sections to the ends as well.

Step 4) Pancake these braids (meaning pull on each section of the braid a little bit to fan it out and make the braid look thicker).

Step 5) Wrap the middle braid into a spiral bun at the back of your head and pin in place.

Step 6) Wrap one of the side braids around this bun and pin down.

Step 7) Also wrap the last side braid around the bun.

Step 8) Add any sort of pretty hair accessories to the bun that you want, such as some pearls or flower pins.

formal braided hairstyle

Back view of the feathered French braid updo

I have a ton of other fancy and original hairstyles like this on my Instagram @silvousplaits_hairstyling, so you can venture on over there if you’d like to see more!

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