Elegant Updos from Outlander

Elegant Updos from Outlanderfeatured

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I’m a HUGE fan of the new Starz show Outlander. As in, I like it almost as much as Game of Thrones. And I even like it more than the books that it’s based off of, which is always a feat for visual media. The cinematography is rich and inspiring, the acting is sharp, and the writing has great nuance and depth. To celebrate this wonderful work, my latest video replicates three beautiful updos seen on three female characters of the show. None of them are for the main heroine, Claire, who tends to have her hair wily curls only precariously pinned up it anything is done to them at all (she’s not one for too much preening), but the supporting characters Geillis Duncan, Jenny Fraser Murray, and Letitia MacKenzie have some excellent updos that would translate well for any formal occasion out here in the modern real world.



The first style, featured on Geillis, is the easiest of the three in this video. It requires just some bobbypins and one small hair elastic. First, collect the top half of your hair, comb it smooth, and then twist it into a ballet bun by spiraling the twist around its base and pinning in place. Then, with the bottom half of hair, comb up towards the bun, split in half, and rope braid, pulling the braid in an upwards direction as it forms. Finally, wrap the rope braid around the ballet bun and pin in place.

Geillis updo from Outlander

Braided updo as seen on Geillis in Outlander

Jenny’s style is second, as is a little bit more work. This also needs some bobbypins, as well as three small elastics. Collect the top half of your hair again, and this time braid into into a normal three strand English braid. Then spiral it around its base and pin down, forming a bun again. Now with your remaining hair, split in half. With each half, pull to the side behind your ear and create an English braid, pulling the braid upwards as you go. Once you’ve got these braids ready, pin the left braid up along the right side of the bun, and the right braid along the left side of the bun. Continue wrapping and pinning these braids around the outside of the bun, passing the braid tails underneath the crossed sections in the back.


Jenny's braided hair in Outlander

Jenny Fraser Murray’s braided updo in the episode “Lallybroch”

Letitia’s style is the most difficult and time consuming. You’ll need a lot of bobbypins this time, a small elastic, and a curling iron if you have straight hair. First, section off a circle of hair in the back of your head and tie with a hair tie for now to keep it all together. Then, grab a section of hair from the front of your head, divide into three parts, and start Dutch lace braiding in a circle around the ponytailed section, adding in sections of free hanging hair. When there’s no more hair to add in, finish the braid to the ends and then pin the tail alongside the lace braid. Then, release the ponytailed hair, and if your hair isn’t naturally curly, curl sections of this hair with a curling iron. Lastly, coil these curls around two fingers and pin them to your head inside the Dutch braided crown.

Letitia MacKenzie's curl bun in Outlander

Curl bun as worn by Letitia in Outlander

You’ll need pretty long hair for all of these – at least armpit length for Letitia, and bra strap length for Geillis and Jenny. But these three styles have all different difficulty levels, so you should be able to find one that works for you no matter your hairstyling skill, so long as you’re comfortable doing basic braids on yourself already.

Let me know what you think of these styles by commenting or tagging me in your hair photos on social media!


As an added bonus, my friend Siobhan did another Outlander tutorial for Geillis and Laoghaire in the Gathering episode, so if you want more Outlander hair, you should check it out!

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