Fast and Easy Pinless Updos that Last All Day

Fast and Easy Pinless Updos that Last All Dayfeatured

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tutorial for fast and sturdy hairstick buns

As you probably know, I have lots of videos for fancy hair stuff. So, often I get asked which are my favorite to wear in my everyday. You may be surprised to hear though that when I’m not making tutorials, I actually prefer to keep things really simple and lazy. It is now time for me to share with you my go-to styles that are quick, easy, and pinless – they require no more than one hairstick. Plus, they last all day in my slippery hair!

By quick, I mean seriously quick – it takes me about 15 seconds to do these styles most of the time. By easy, I mean they’re often some of the first pinless buns that people with long hair ever learn. And they honest to goodness last a long time! I can wear these all day with barely any sagging. I’ve even worn them to work out and to sleep.

Check out the tutorial on these awesome pinless styles that I posted below!

The Nautilus Bun

An absolute classic in the long hair community. This is a brick wall of a hair style once you have the moves down – it ain’t going anywhere. To do it, simply gather all your hair into a ponytail, wrap it around your palm once, and then wrap the rest of the tail around the base of the ponytail tightly. Push this wrapped knot of hair up through the loop you made around your palm, then push your stick down the inside of the loop, underneath the knot of hair, then back out the inside of the other side of the loop.

As you can see in the video, I was pretty active in this style and it hardly changed at all in 14 hours. I wore it all day, went rock climbing in the evening, changed clothes with it still in, and by bedtime it was still going strong.


The Figure 8 Bun

This one depends on good hairstick technique to keep it solid, but it has very high potential in that regard. By good hairstick technique, I mean poking the stick through key parts of the bun to hold it in place, and hooking enough head hair underneath the bun to make the updo tight.

To do this bun, twist up a ponytail, then tightly wrap it around its base as if you were making a cinnabun, but just about as tight as you can. Then lift up the top loop of this spiral you made, hold it against your head, and then stick the hairstick down through this top loop, making it come back out through the rest of the bun below.

If you want even more options with this, you can lift the top loop to the side rather than up, to make a low wide bun in an infinity shape.


Silk Knot Bun

Knot buns are fairly similar to each other – it’s just a simple knot, after all. But they can differ in the hand motions you use to make the knot secure and in how you use the remaining tail of hair for decoration. In this case, I was inspired to make this version of a knot bun by the method of tying off silks in my aerial classes. Hence the name!

Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail, wrap the hair once around your palm going under then over the hand, and make a circle motion with this hand to twist up the hair loop once. Then grab the remaining tail of hair and pull it fully through the loop. Push the loop down tightly against your head, stick your hairstick into the bun on the inside of the top of the loop, and push it back out on the inside of the bottom of the loop. The tail of hair left hanging here is a cute flippy ponytail, which makes this bun unique from most pinless buns.

Want more pinless bun styles? My good friend TorrinPaige on Youtube makes a ton, so check out her tutorials. Also, big shout out to AKCWoodworking on Etsy for their awesome fantasy hairsticks I used in this tutorial. They’re great quality wood that won’t break, even in lots of heavy hair, and there are so many designs to satisfy just about any fandom out there.

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