Giulia Farnese Renaissance Updo

Giulia Farnese Renaissance Updofeatured

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It’s time for another historical updo! (A good time to put your new bobby pin skills into action!)

In the Showtime series the Borgias, Giulia Farnese is the Pope’s (current) mistress. Thus she has all the mystique and elegance afforded by her unique situation. This style is a great way to capture some of that aura for yourself – it’s not too difficult to do, but looks quite regal and there is a lot of room for adornment such as pearl strings. So check it out!

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: bobby pins, small hair elastics, large hair elastics, string of pearls
Skills needed: English braid, rope braid
Time cost: 25-50 minutes
ideal hairtype: any

Step 1) Make a center part, and then section off a radial part on either side of that center – meaning, draw a part down from the middle to behind your ear on either side of your head. Tie these sections forward for now.

Step 2) Make two braids with the rest of your hair, one on either side of the center part with the root situated at ear height. Wrap these braids in a spiral around their roots to make two braid buns, and pin the buns to your head.

Step 3) Make another vertical part running through your forward sections so that the section closest to your forehead is about an inch wide. Tie these forward, and with the rest of the hair make two rope braids.

Step 4) Pin these rope braids over the top of your head.

Step 5) Untie the remaining hair, pull each section back towards your ear, twist together with the hanging tail of the rope braid, and wrap this twist around the nearest braid bun.

Step 6) Add any glitzy hair toys you like – Giulia Farnese wears some pearls along the top of the buns, but you could also weave in some gold thread with the braids, add fancy clips on either side of your head, etc.

And there you have Giulia Farnese’s Renaissance updo!

how to tutorial for the Borgias hair

Back view of Giulia’s Renaissance updo hairstyle

It’s important to note that the majority of the Borgias hairstyles use a ton of hair pieces added in to get big voluminous braids, and so most of these styles aren’t really possible for normal people without hair extensions. This style is, but it can still give some trouble to people with hair on the thinner side. So while not entirely screen accurate, there are some adjustments available to you if you want thicker braids and don’t want to use fake hair to get them –

  1. Don’t separate the forward hair section into two smaller sections. Just rope braid with all that hair.
  2. Make only one braid bun in the back.

Let me know if you liked this hairstyle by leaving a comment here and by tweeting out the video!!

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