Hair Fundamentals: How to Use Bobby Pins!

Hair Fundamentals: How to Use Bobby Pins!featured

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In other installment of my “Hair Tricks” series, subsection “How the Heck Do I Use This Thing,” I talk about a hairstyling tool that is fundamental to a lot of fantasy hairstyling, but is not necessarily taught to everyone in the beginning – bobby pins.


These little puppies are cheap, simple, and probably live in every little nook of your house. I use them in more than half of my tutorials, because they’re the easiest way to do intricate updos and braid styles on yourself (tv shows and movies often use a sewing technique called hair taping, but that’s not really feasible for the majority of at-home users!) They’re so versatile, and when they’re needed there’s not really a way around it.

But did you know that the wavy part is the bottom of the pin, not the top? Or that hairspraying them can make them stay in your hair better? What about how to hide them effectively in hairstyles?

To help you learn to utilize your bobby pins most effectively, I made this quick instructional video on bobby pins. In it, I discuss what a bobby pin is with all its parts and terminology, how to insert it into your hair, how to get it to hold your hair in place for as long as you need without slipping, and how to hide it in different kinds of hairstyles. Check it out below!

Bonus advice: a convenient way to store them is in an empty medicine bottle, like I show at the very beginning of the video 😉

Know of any other tricks that improve your bobby pin use? Or do you have any other questions about hairstyling basics and fundamentals you would like me to answer? Leave me a comment here or on this video on Youtube to let me know!

Thanks for watching!

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