The Hair of Outlander – Geneva & Isobel Dunsany’s Braids

The Hair of Outlander – Geneva & Isobel Dunsany’s Braidsfeatured

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In Outlander, we don’t see very complicated hairstyles on our leads Jamie & Claire – this is actually explicit in the books, where Claire prefers to just pin up her wily curls to get them out of the way while Jamie keeps his hair just long enough for a little ponytail or braid in the back. There is plenty of room in the show however to give the supporting characters interesting hairstyles, so today we will focus on the braided hairstyles worn by the Dunsany sisters Geneva and Isobel in Season 3.

These looks have a regal air to them, fitting the station of the girls’ noble birth. They also use simple construction, making them fairly easy to do. Thus they’ll make perfectly classy and formal styles for us to recreate!  Check out the video tutorial for Geneva and Isobel below, or read the text instructions for each one.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Hair Length: at least collarbone length

Materials: hair tie, bobby pins

Skills needed: Dutch braid

Time cost: 15-20 minutes

Ideal hair type: any


Step 1) Curl the hair on the top and sides of your head, either with a curling iron or a heatless curls method.

Step 2) Divide the top hair into three long sections running front to back.

Step 3) Gently twist up the middle section, pinning in place at the crown.

Step 4) Twist the outer top sections as well. Cross these twists over the middle section in the back, and pin to your crown on the opposite side of the middle section.

Step 5) Twist one section on each side of your head. Drape these twists up across your crown, and pin down with the rest of the twists.

Step 6) Dutch braid the rest of your hair down the back of your head.



Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Hair Length: at least armpit length

Materials: small hair elastics, bobby pins

Skills needed: three-strand braid

Time cost: 20-30 minutes

Ideal hair type: any


Step 1) Section off the hair on the sides and top of your head, and clip away for now.

Step 2) Divide the rest of your hair into left and right halves.

Step 3) Braid each of these halves, directing the braids toward the ceiling and you create them.

Step 4) Twist these braids together. Lay the twist up the middle of the back of your head, and pin in place with bobby pins.

Step 5) If the tail of these braids reaches past your crown, coil up the extra length into a small bun at your crown and pin in place.

Step 6) With the remaining hair you clipped out of the way, gather it up and pin it on top of the bun you make with the braids.

Step 7) Twist up this hair, and make another bun on top of the first one, pinning it in place.


And there you have it, your Outlander hair! Want more styles from the world of Jamie and Claire? Check out this tutorial for Jenny, Geillis, and Leticia in season 1.


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