Hairstyle from Princess Kwenthrith

Hairstyle from Princess Kwenthrithfeatured

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Lots of people first think of Lagertha as having the awesome hair on Vikings. But a lot of the other women have great styles too! For instance, Princess Kwentrith.

Princess Kwenthrith hairdo

Braided hairstyle worn by Kwenthrith in Vikings

In season 3 we spent a fair amount of time with her as she sailed around with Ragnar in all her crazy glory. This style specifically can be seen on her in season 3 episode 2.

For looking so complicated, it’s actually really easy! You need to make several braids to do it, but those braids are easy to do and shape into a bun later on.

Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: small hair elastics, bobby pins
Skills needed: English braid
Time cost: 20-40 minutes
ideal hairtype: straight or wavy

Step 1) Section off a large square of hair on top of your head, and then split this square into four smaller even squares with two in front along your forehead and two behind.

Step 2) Turn each of these smaller square sections into English braids – to learn or review how to English braid, check out this video!

Step 3) Make a fifth English braid with some free hanging hair at your crown that lays down the back of your head.

Step 4) Pull the first four braids back and pin them on top of the root of the fifth braid. Now twist these four up (leave the fifth braid hanging) and spiral them around this point to form a bun. Bobby pin the twisted braids in place as you go. When you get to the braid ends, tuck them underneath the bun to hide them and pin secure.

step 5) Make a braid on each side of your face with the hair that falls in front of your ears.


See, easy! It takes 20-40 minutes to do depending on how fast you are at braiding, but it’s something even hairstyling beginners can do to achieve an intricate-looking style.

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