Hairstyle Tutorial for Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Hairstyle Tutorial for Belle in Beauty and the Beastfeatured

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On March 17, the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is reimagined as a live action movie with Emma Watson staring as Belle. A beautiful fantasy story like this comes with some beautiful hairstyles, so this tutorial is made to show you how to recreate Belle’s updos in the film.

In the movie, the show designers replicated the half up bun that cartoon Belle wore in the ballroom dance scene. There is also a pretty curl bun showing up in this version that Belle wears while in the castle. Watch the video below or read the following instructions to learn them both for yourself!

Style 1: Ballroom Dance Half Updo

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Hair Length: at least armpit length
Materials: bobby pins, hair insert, gold hair decorations
Skills needed: none!
Time cost: 10-25 minutes
ideal hair type: any

Step 1) Gather up the hair at your crown, and tie it into a small ponytail with a thin hair elastic.

Step 2) Twist up the hair along your front hairline on one side of your head, and then pin that twist underneath the small ponytail. Also twist up the hair on the other side of your head, and pin underneath the small ponytail as well.

Step 3) Flip up the ponytail, and pin the hair insert on top of the elastic. Then drape the ponytail hair back over the insert to cover it, and pin the hair up underneath the insert at the bottom to keep the hair in place.

Step 4) Add gold hair decorations to either side of the bun, and that’s it!

Belle hair bun

Half updo worn by Belle in the iconic ballroom dance scene

Style 2: Castle Curl Bun

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least armpit length
Materials: bobby pins, headband
Skills needed: none!
Time cost: 25-45 minutes
ideal hair type: curly

Step 1) Gather the hair at your crown, and pin it together at the upper back of your head.

Step 2) Taking little sections of this crown hair at a time, roll it up into a barrel curl around a couple fingers and then pin to the upper back of your head. Repeat this until you’ve used up all the crown hair. The resulting bushel of curls should be covering the bobby pins that held the crown hair back.

Step 3) Put on a wide headband, or pin a wide ribbon over the top of your head, securing the ends behind you and underneath the forming curl bun.

Step 4) Make the hair on the side of your head into barrel curls as well, and pin these to the opposite side of the curl bun in order to cover the headband/ribbon.

Step 5) Roll up and pin the rest of your head underneath the curl bun to finish it off.

Belle curly hairstyle updo

The curl bun hairstyle that Belle wears in the castle

I hope these hairstyles can satisfy all your Beauty and the Beast cravings! And don’t forget to catch the movie when it comes out on March 17!

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