Hairstyles of the Shannara Chronicles

Hairstyles of the Shannara Chroniclesfeatured

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If you saw any of the Shannara Chronicles last winter – the first season that aired on MTV – then you’ll have also seen then elven and rover hairstyles worn by Amberle and Eretria. Very different girls with very different styles, but both are fun fantasy looks to bring to your own styling arsenal. Choose sweet or saucy – or both! – and watch the video below to learn how to do Shannara Chronicles hair.

Amberle’s Hair

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least arm pit length
Materials: small hair elastics, bobby pins
Skills needed: French braid, rope braid
Time cost: 15-35 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Amberle has a few different styles we get to see in the first season of the Shannara Chronicles, ranging from intricate updos to simple twists while traveling. For this tutorial I chose to show something more in the middle, and that we see in a very formative scene for the show. This half updo has some romantic crown braids going on and a flipped ponytail in the back. To do it:

  1. Make a side part, and then divide off a section of hair along your front hairline that spans across your forehead and halfway down the side of your face. French braid this hair to the ends, and pull on the sections a bit to make the braid softer.
  2. Make a second, normal three strand braid with some hair on the other side of your part.
  3. Gather up some hair at your crown, and tie it into a small ponytail. Poke a hole in the hair right above the ponytail elastic, and flip the ponytail up and out through that hole. To keep this flipped ponytail looking perky, pin it to your head with some bobby pins right above the ponytail. The hair from the rest of the tail should then drape over these pins and the ponytail elastic.
  4. With a section of hair immediately underneath the ponytail, make two rope braids. Wrap these braids around your head and pin them directly behind the French braid.
  5. Grab the French braid, normal braid, and rope braids if they’re long enough to wrap all the way around your head. Tie them at the back of your head right underneath the ponytail so that the elastic is hidden underneath this waterfall of hair.
braided Shannara Chronicles hairstyle tutorial

Amberle at the Ellcrys trial

Eretria’s Style

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least shoulder length
Materials: small hair elastics, thread, feather extensions
Skills needed: French rope braid, Dutch braid
Time cost: 25-50 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

In contrast to Amberle, Eretria has one look that she wears throughout the entire Shannara Chronicles first season and is very iconic. For those of you who like warrior or Viking braids, you’ll enjoy these as well!

  1. Make a side part, running from your forehead all the way back to the nape of your neck. Tie off the larger half of hair to keep it out of the way.
  2. Section off about a third of the hair in the other half, making a line of hair that follows the curve of your part. Leave off some hair from this line near your neck, as we’ll use it for something else later. French rope braid this section.
  3. With that hair you left out near your neck, make another French rope braid.
  4. Section off another third of hair, making a line that also curves along the last braid. This section should span all the way from the front to the hairline at your neck. Dutch braid this section.
  5. Make one more Dutch braid with the remaining hair that arcs around your ear.
  6. With a yarn needle and some colored thread, decorate both rope braids by wrapping the thread around them. Also decorate by pinning in some feather extensions at the back of your head.
hair tutorial for Eretria braids

Eretria rover braids

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