How to Do the Five Strand Cage Braid

How to Do the Five Strand Cage Braidfeatured

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Earlier this year, I posted a video tutorial for a variant on the fishtail braid that I came up with, called the Fused Fishtail. Recently I came up with another intricate looking braid, which I’m calling the Cage Braid, and since a lot of people asked how to do it, I’ve made a pictorial to show you guys! Click on the picture to expand it to full width so you can see everything that’s going on.

pictorial for the five strand cage braid

Pictorial for how to do the cage braided hairstyle

Here’s some text instructions to go with it in case the pictures alone don’t help you:

1) Divide your hair horizontally in half (the parting should look like you’re wearing a crown).

2) Turn the lower half into four braids of whatever kind you like. I did English here, but fishtail or rope would also be pretty. You can also do this hairstyle without braiding these parts, but it’ll be harder and plus I think it looks cooler with these strands braided.

3) Let the top half of your hair fall down in between the braids so that there are two braids on either side of this big, unbraided strand.

4) With the four small braids, do one stitch of a full-traverse four strand braid over the top of the large strand. This means taking the far left braid (the one labeled A) and weaving it over B, under C, and over D so that it is now the far right strand.

5) Flip the large strand up through the middle of the braids again (between B and C on the left and D and A on the right).

6) Underneath the large strand, do another full-traverse four strand stitch (B goes over C, under D, over A).

7) Flip the large strand down through the middle of the small braids again.

8) Do another four strand stitch over the top of the large strand. And then continue this pattern to the end! Four strand stitch on top of the large strand, four strand stitch under the large strand, etc.

the five strand cage braid hairstyle

Finished view of the cage braid

It helps me to do this on myself if I flip my head upside down after a few four strand stitches. That way I can reach all the way down the length of my hair without bringing the braid around front over my shoulder, which would screw up the alignment in this case.

If this is still giving you trouble but you really want the look, you can do a four strand braid with the braided sections and then use a large hair needle to thread the unbraided section through at the end.

You can also try this with only the large section braided and the rest unbraided, all unbraided, or even as a seven or nine strand braid if you’re super adventurous.

Let me know what you think!

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