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Greetings! This is a big day for me.

Have you ever heard of Patreon? It’s a crowd funding platform sort of like Kickstarter, but instead of funding one massive project, it’s geared towards smaller and repeating donations to help support Internet artists and entertainers as they continue to make the content you love.

This is a big day for me because I’ve just created a Patreon page. I’m doing this because I’m entering graduate school very soon, where my budget will be really limited and I won’t be able to fund more tutorials and hair projects on my own. By giving through Patreon, you can contribute towards future videos and more and ensure my channel stays active and high quality.

I was very hesitant to make this for the longest time, because I don’t want people to think I’m just asking for handouts or that I’m holding my videos hostage until I get paid for them. I will always still make tutorials for free, and absolutely no one is obligated to donate. But if you feel like giving anything at all, it would be much appreciated and will significantly help me continue in what I do!

If you’re interested, there’s more information in the video on how to set up an account on Patreon and how to become my patron.

I’ll be very thankful to anything you want to give. And even if you don’t want to, that’s fine! Again I don’t want to coerce people into anything. I just hope that you continue to enjoy my tutorials, and if you decide to give back in order to contribute towards future ones, then you have my eternal gratitude.


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