I’m Hosting a Hair Accessory Giveaway!

I’m Hosting a Hair Accessory Giveaway!featured

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The news in this video has been in the works for a while, and I’m really excited to finally share it with you!

On my Patreon page, I just reached my first funding milestone. I want to celebrate that as well as thank the patrons who helped out so generously, so for the next two weeks I’m going to host a giveaway contest! There are lots of awesome hair accessory prizes that are great for fantasy, sci fi, and historical styles that were graciously donated by some of my favorite Etsy shops (I’ll dedicate a more detailed post to them a little later).

Three of these prizes are available to the general public. All you have to do is create a hairstyle that could feature one of the hair accessories, take a picture of that style, post it to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr, and tag me in the photo. You can enter as many times as you like for as many of the prizes as you like, and you can do the style on either your head or someone else’s. To find me on those social media platforms in order to tag me, go to my contact page and look up the relevant screen name.

The accessories you could win are as follows:

Fantasy Hair Sticks from AKCWoodworking – ideas for hairstyles featuring hair sticks include fancy updos, pinless braided buns, etc.

Hair Beads from Dwarvendom – any sort of accent braid, beard braid, half up, etc. could use decorative beads.

Circlets from Kingsfield Inn – this shop is donating both a Sailor Moon inspired circlet as well as a medieval one. So any sort of braid, from edgy to romantic, could feature one of these.

The video below has more details on which items specifically are being offered as prizes.

There are two more prizes as well! Since this giveaway is primarily a thank you to my Patreon patrons, these prizes are reserved specifically for them. If you’re already a patron, you don’t need to do anything to enter. By being a patron, your name is automatically included in the drawing. If you aren’t a patron but you want a chance to win one of these special prizes, you can sign up on my Patreon profile.

These patron awards are:

Headbands and Pins from My Lavaliere

Hair Comb and Barrette from Schmucktruhe

I’ll announce the winners to this contest on September 17, in two weeks. For more contest info, watch the video below. It also talks about some other channel news – specifically that I’m going to be uploading a new video to Youtube every week now! Visit my channel every Thursday for tutorials, hairstyling tricks, and more.

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