La Belle et La Bête Classic Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

La Belle et La Bête Classic Braided Hairstyle Tutorialfeatured

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In March 2017, Disney released their much anticipated live-action movie “Beauty and the Beast” (with several hairstyles to play with). This of course was a remake of the Disney animated classic in 1991. But did you know this story has been a cinematic favorite for decades longer? In fact, the famous french filmmaker Jean Cocteau made a version in 1947 that was called “La Belle et La Bête” that was critically acclaimed.

I’ve always fancied how lovely old cinematic hairstyles are – combining the drama of stage dress with the intimate detail required for close shots – so I’d like to share with you a pictorial I made for the large draped braids Belle wore in this classic film. Make sure to click on the image to enlarge it!

classic hollywood hair braids tutorial

step by step pictorial for Belle’s draped braid in La Belle et la Bête (1947)

Step 1) French braid the hair on both sides of your head, starting at your forehead. Pause when you reach your crown.

Step 2) Find some hair extensions that match your color. You can use clip in ones or loose hair, like this set I found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for really cheap.

Step 3) If using clip in extensions, hide the clip underneath the French braided hair. If using loose hair, fold in half and pin middle underneath the French braid. Then incorporate the new hair into the braid you were making.

Step 4) Finish braids normally to the ends.

Step 5) To make a single braid loop at the back of your head, weave the last few inches of each braid through each other, and secure with hidden bobby pins.

And that gives you Belle’s large and dramatic draped braid!

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