Lagertha Battle Braids Style in Season 5 of Vikings

Lagertha Battle Braids Style in Season 5 of Vikingsfeatured

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Vikings totally dominates the art of costume hairstyling right now, and some of the most famous looks are rocked by Lagertha. She’s worn a bunch of different types of braids to match all the different roles she’s had in her life – homesteader, Earl’s wife, warrior, Earl herself, and now queen. In season 5, we get to see her being a badass shield maiden again, so let’s learn another Lagertha battle braid style you can recreate on yourself!

This look is a half up style that incorporates many of the elements worn in her previous battle looks. There’s the iconic side braids, a textures knot braid arrangement on top, and some accent braids throughout. In season 5, now that she’s queen, there’s also a prominent crown-like headband woven through the style. How striking! Check out the video below for a step by step tutorial, as well as instructions on how to modify it to make it personalized just for you and your style.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Hair Length: at least armpit length

Materials: decorative headband (optional – hair elastics, bobby pins)

Skills needed: lace braid, knot braid

Time cost: 30-50 minutes

Ideal hair type: straight or wavy


Step 1) Section off the hair on top of your head for now.

Step 2) Make a horizontal lace braid on each side of your head.

Step 3) Directly behind each of these lace braids, make an English braid.

Step 4) Now take down the hair on top of your head, and clip off several small sections of hair around the edge of this top section.

Step 5) With the rest of the hair on top of your head, pick up larger sections and square knot braid them to the ends. There should be about 4-6 of these knot braids on top of your head when you’re done.

Step 6) Weave these knot braids together on top of your head. Keep weaving them together until you reach the ends, then let them hang down behind your head.

Step 7) Secure a decorative head around the knot braid arrangement.

Step 8) With each of the small sections you clipped away, make further knot braids. Then bring these braids up over the headband and tuck into the knot braids on top of your head.

Step 9) Turn the braids on the side of your head into slide up braids. Bring them up to your crown, and secure here by either weaving them into all the knot braids or pinning in place with bobby pins.

Step 10) Make a couple small accent braids in the rest of your hair that is still hanging free.

Lagertha Vikings warrior braids how to

Lagertha’s warrior braid look in Season 5 of Vikings

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