Tutorial for Lagertha’s Queen Crown Braid in Vikings

Tutorial for Lagertha’s Queen Crown Braid in Vikingsfeatured

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Friends, vikings, countrywomen, it’s time for another chilling installment in my valkyrie war queen updo series. In this one, our heroine has ascended to the seat of her power through force of will and gratuitous revenge-driven bloodshed. This style doesn’t really embody that part – but it does look pretty dope. Importantly, you can feel comfortable wearing it to all those war party clan meetings you’ll be invited to now, and people won’t even have to ask to know that if they cross you, you’ll kill them, just like Lagertha.

Now remember, just because you look the part now, doesn’t mean you should go slaughter your enemies and wrest control of their fiefdom. Feel free to go out and do something great though, and look great doing it. Don’t do heroine, be it.

Difficulty: Moderately Hard
Hair Length: at least bra strap length
Materials: small hair elastics, bobby pins, extensions, hair donut
Skills needed: Dutch braid, five strand braid, French braid
Time cost: 30-50 minutes
Ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Step 1) Separate off the hair at your crown and roll it around a small hair insert. Pin this to your head.

Step 2) With the hair along your forehead, make two French braids on either side of your part. Stop adding in new hair once you reach around the side of your head to your ears, and braid normally to the ends.

Step 3) Along the back of your head, start Dutch braiding your hair sideways (using up all the remaining hair except for a stripe along your back hairline). When you reach the other side of your head, transition this into a five strand braid, and finish it to the ends. Adding extensions to the back of your head for this part will likely be useful for more volume and length!

Step 4) Now drape this five strand braid across the hair roll you made earlier, pinning in place. With whatever length is left, drape it along the Dutch braiding in the back to form a crown braid.

Step 5) Lay the French braids behind the hair roll and down along the crown braid, pinning in place.

Step 6) Finally, split the remaining hair at the back of your head in to. Make these two sections into knot braids, and pin up along the crown braid.

And you’re done!

Author’s note: I’m a bit too busy to write a web post for Lagertha right now, so this is my boyfriend’s take on the whole endeavor. If you don’t like it, complain to him 🙂

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