Lagertha Vikings Warrior Ponytail

Lagertha Vikings Warrior Ponytailfeatured

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Anyone else currently watching Season 4 of Vikings?

As always there are some great costuming and styling looks. But today, we’re gonna go back a couple years to Season 2. Specifically, we’re gonna do a Lagertha look from the end of the season, when she returns from meeting with Ragnar in Kattegat.

Vikings Lagertha ponytail tutorial

Lagertha’s warrior ponytail hairstyle

Lagertha’s normal shield maiden style is a bunch of knotted braids on top and Dutch or French braids on the side, so it’s unique to see her in a ponytail. It’s not very hard to do either! (Though it can take a while with all that braiding)

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to do this look on yourself!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Hair Length: at least arm pit length
Materials: teasing comb or hair bump, hair ties
Skills needed: Dutch braid
Time cost: 20-50 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Step 1) Create a few small accent braids at your hairline.

Step 2) Tease the rest of the hair on top of your head. Then smooth this hair and the accent braids back towards your crown to form a pompodour. Clip the hair here for now.

Step 3) Divide the rest of your hair into four horizontal sections, on each side of your head. Dutch braid all of these sections towards the back of your head. When you’re finished braiding, you should have 8 Dutch braids in total.

Step 4) Gather the hair from your pompodour and the first tier of Dutch braids, and tie all this into a ponytail. Make a second ponytail below this one with the rest of the braids.

Step 5) Undo any braiding below the ponytail hair ties, and volumize the ponytail is whichever way you prefer (using your natural texture, teasing the base of the ponytail, styling the hair with a triple barrel waver, etc.)

And there you go!

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