Lagertha’s Original Viking Side Braids

Lagertha’s Original Viking Side Braidsfeatured

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This is a bit of a throwback post, but it’s one of my most popular videos so I wanted to talk about it a little here!

This is my very first Vikings tutorial, and it’s also the first hairstyle that we see on Lagertha in the opening scene of season 1, episode 1. It’s very simple in concept – two Dutch braids on the side, with teased hair on top that is tied back in a half pony. She’s a skilled warrior, but at this point in the story she is primarily a farmer on a small homestead, so she doesn’t need any grand display. I suspect the show hairstylists are still developing their sense of style for the series as well. Thus this is a good starting style for anyone who would like to delve into the world of Viking hair but hasn’t had a lot of experience yet.

I’m also still developing my videography style in this video, and I’ll readily admit the lighting is awful, the camera quality is low, and I even screw up my explanation of the style, calling the side braids French instead of Dutch! It’s a good reminder to always focus on improving your craft in whatever way you can, little by little.

Here’s a quick rundown of the video’s instructions, if you don’t want to watch the whole thing:

1) With the hair on top of your head, collect horizontal sections, tease them, and then flip them forward. Once you’ve teased all the top hair between your hairline and your crown, flip this hair back and tie into a small ponytail with a small elastic.

2) Divide the hair on the side of your head into two horizontal halves, and clip one out of the way for now. With the other, Dutch braid from front to back. When you’ve reached past your ear, stop adding in hair and braid to the ends.

3) Also Dutch braid the top horizontal section of hair you clipped away. Then on the other side of your head, make two more Dutch braids in the same manner (split into top and bottom half, Dutch braid front to back, stop adding in hair once you’re past the ear).

And finished! Again, this is Lagertha’s most basic hairstyle, but also sets the precedent for what form all her later hairstyles will be in. So if you practice this and get it down, you’ll be well on your way to being an expert on Lagertha hair.

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