Learn Ivar the Boneless Vikings Hair with this Men’s Tutorial

Learn Ivar the Boneless Vikings Hair with this Men’s Tutorialfeatured

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What a twisted character – with a twisted hairstyle to match! In the History Channel’s Vikings season 5, Ivar the Boneless has emerged as the leader of a great army, which of course means he needs his own iconic hairstyle. This one features shaved sides and several twists across the top of his head, decorated with Viking beads and ending in a short ponytail. You can accomplish this Ivar style for yourself! Just check out the tutorial video below and try it.

Ivar the Boneless Twisted Hair Style 

Difficulty: Moderate

Hair Length: at least shoulder length

Materials: small hair elastics, hair beads, large hair tie

Braiding Skills Needed: none

Time cost: 15-30 minutes

Ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Products shown in this video are: Aveda Men Pure‑formance Liquid Pomade, Dwarvendom hair beads http://etsy.me/29pecRE



Step 1) First, start with shaved sides! Or not, this style can totally be done without any shaving. Comb out your hair as well so there are no tangles.

Step 2) Section off a small strip of hair on top of your head, running from your forehead to your crown. Twist up this section, and tie it off with a small hair elastic.

Step 3) Make two more twists like this, on either side of the center twist. But extend these half way down the back of your head instead of stopping at your crown.

Step 4) Next make two more twists, each next to the previous ones (these should be starting from the corners of your forehead now). Extend these ones to the crown again, and tie off with small elastics.

Step 5) Make a 6th and 7th twist each next to the previous ones, extending them halfway down the back of your head. These should be positioned at the top of the sides of the head. Tie off again with a small elastic.

Step 6) Now decorate each twist with a hair bead, positioned over the hair elastic holding the twist.

Step 7) Finally, twist up the tails of the twists now, adding in more hair from the back of your head. Then gather them all up at the lower back of your head (along with the rest of your free-hanging hair if your head isn’t shaved) and tie everything into a low ponytail.

easy Vikings hair tutorial for men

Twisted hairstyle for Ivar the Boneless in Vikings

And done! By the way, you can find beads like the ones I’m using from Dwarvendom Beads on Etsy, they’re my favorite bead shop. Using some pomade while forming this style also helps hold the twists in place and get the slicked back look Ivar has! Good luck!

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