Leia Hairstyles in Star Wars: the Force Awakens

Leia Hairstyles in Star Wars: the Force Awakensfeatured

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When Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens was released, Rey got a lot of attention for being a kickass female lead – and for our purposes, having a unique and popular hairstyle. It seems everyone is making tutorials or posting photos these days (mine was one of the first ones up though *ahem*). But not to be outdone, Leia is now a general and has her own set of new eye-catching do’s. Two of them in fact! The queen of sci-fi hair has still got it, and here’s a video to show you how to replicate both styles.

If you’ve done some Leia styles before, you’ll notice here that you don’t need the hip length locks that she has in the original movies in order to accomplish these styles. You will, however, still need hair that’s on the thicker side. My own hair doesn’t make the cut for these, so I used some hair extensions in this video. Specifically, these ones. I also used some products including texture spray and hairspray to help me achieve the look on myself. These are totally optional, but they may help you as well if you’re struggling with getting a finished style that you’re happy with.

Difficulty: Moderately Hard
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: bobby pins, small hair elastics, alligator clip, hair bumps (optional: texture spray, hair spray, clip in extensions)
Skills needed: Rope braid
Time cost: 20-45 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Style 1:

Step 1) Section off a panel of hair on top of your head and split it in half down the middle.

Step 2) Clip one half to your crown, and then twist the other half in the forward direction so the twist forms horizontally across the top of your head. Twist it tightly all the way to the ends.

Step 3) Grab the twist right above your ear, and double it back on itself at this point. The loop will want to coil a bit, so let it do this for a full 360 degree rotation (two flips). Pin the loop to your head. Do the same with the other half of top hair so you have loops on both sides of your head.

Step 4) Divide the rest of your hair in half down the back of your head. Twist one of these halves upwards so the twist forms horizontally across the back of your head. Twist tightly all the way to the ends and lay the twist up along the side of your head and right up behind the loops you did in step 3. Pin in place.

Step 5) Twist the last half of hair in the same way, pinning it up along the other side of your head and right behind the top twists. This finishes the style.


Style 2:

Step 1) For this second look, start with hair parted down the center. Grab a section from your crown, and rope braid to the ends.

Step 2) Secure two hair bumps to the crown of your head. You can get creative with what these are made of, but make sure they’re big enough that they can add structured volume and height to the style.

Step 3) Drape and secure hair from one side of your head over one of the hair bumps. I did this in sections, pinning each section over the top of the bump. You should end up with a tail of hair hanging in front of your face.

Step 4) Drape the rest of your hair, except the rope braid, over the other hair bump.

Step 5) Bring each tail of hair across the front of the opposite hair bump. Lightly rope braid these tails, and pin around and behind the bumps.

Step 6) Bring the original rope braid over the top of your head in between the hair bumps, and pin right in front. Pancake the braid beyond this point and coil it up in a spiral to make a hair flower. Pin this right in front of the hair bumps.

And done!

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