Lucrezia’s Romantic Hair from the Borgias

Lucrezia’s Romantic Hair from the Borgiasfeatured

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This is a quick tutorial for today. The Borgias was a period drama cut short a few years ago on Showtime, but the hair left a lasting impression on viewers because of its intricacy and opulence. A lot of hair is needed for most of the styles (extensions for daaaaaays), but this is one in particular that is on the easier and more physically possible side, worn by Lucrezia in season 2 in the marketplace when they discover what has happened to Paolo.

braided updo on Lucrezia

Lucrezia Borgia’s half up

Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: decorative clips, bobbypins, small hair elastic, hair extensions strongly recommended
Skills needed: French braid
Time cost: 10-25 minutes
ideal hairtype: curly

Step 1) This style works best with curly hair, so I used over night satin curlers to get this natural looking, no heat texture. The specific ones I used can be found here.

Step 2) Draw a part from ear to ear across the crown of your head to separate the top, front section of hair from the rest. Pin that up for now.

Step 3) Add clip in hair extensions to the part if you have them. You can get the set I used in this video for 10% at Irresistible Me if you use the code IrrisitibleShannon at this link.

Step 4) Braid the hair across the back of your head into a french braid, running horizontally from left to right. Complete the braid normally to the ends when there’s no more hair to add in.

Step 5) Create a loop with the braid and bobbypin the tail to the beginning of the French braided section.

Step 6) Unclip the top hair, divide off two sections from each temple, and feed the rest of this free hair through the braid loop so the bottom of the braid is visible but the French braid and the extension clips are hidden.

Step 7) Twist these temple sections several times away from your face, clip to each end of the French braid with a decorative pin, and feed the tails through the loop as well.

And you’re done!

As you can see in the video, the extensions double the side of my braid loop so that it looks as thick as Lucrezia has. If your hair is naturally super thick, you can get away with no extensions. If your hair is any thinner, though, you’ll either have to get some sort of extensions or be happy with a skinnier braid since, as I said, all of the actresses on the Borgias wear a lot of extensions for those looks!

Like this tutorial and want to see the more complicated stuff from Lucrezia and the rest of the Borgias? Leave a comment!

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