Mary’s Wedding Hair in Downton Abbey

Mary’s Wedding Hair in Downton Abbeyfeatured

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I get tons of requests for a lot of different shows, so I know it seems like I ignore most of those, but I really do hear them and remember! Downton Abbey is a show that has been brought up over and over, and I finally got around to watching (and ugly crying to) the whole series. So here’s my inaugural Downton Abbey tutorial, featuring Lady Mary’s wedding style at the beginning of season 3 🙂

Downton Abbey hairstyle

Soft waves and faux bob bun worn by Lady Mary for her wedding in Downton Abbey

This video is sponsored by, so I want to take the chance to quickly call your attention to the straightener they donated to the tutorial that I used for getting the finger waves around the face. More authentic methods of getting finger waves including using hot rollers and then forming the shape with a brush after, or using gel on wet hair and a comb to sculpt the hair (this is the way it was done on the show). But those methods, especially the latter, are difficult techniques even for professional hairstylists to do on someone else. So I deviated from my normal adherence to complete accuracy and used an easier way to get finger waves that more people could accomplish in order to translate Downton Abbey to their own head. It involves forming the waves with your fingers, and then heating the shape with a straightener to hold the shape. The straightener I’m using is sold by Vanity Planet at this url. Plus, they’ve provided a HUGE discount code for my viewers to use if you’re in the market for a straightener – it knocks $160 off the original $199.99 price so that you can get it for just $39.99. Simply use the discount code PLAITS.

Now check out the rest of the tutorial to see how to use the straightener for this beautiful 20’s look from Downton Abbey!

Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Hair Length: at least collar bone length
Materials: flat iron, alligator clips, bobby pins, decorative hair piece
Skills needed: flat iron experience
Time cost: 25-60 minutes
ideal hairtype: straight or wavy

Step 1) Give yourself a side part over one eye, and grab sections from either side of this part.

2) Start bending these sections into C shapes. Heat the C with your straightening iron, clip the C to your head to hold the shape while it cools, and then form a C facing the other direction right below this clip to repeat the process. Do this all the way down the sections on both sides of your part. Hairspray liberally.

3) With the rest of your hair, comb smooth and split in half in the back.

4) Twist the left half upwards and pin along the back of your head just above your back hairline.

5) Twist upwards and pin the right half right beneath the first twist.

6) Finish the bun by wrapping these twists clockwise around the forming bun and pinning in place.

7) Finally drape the finger wave sections loosely back towards the bun, pin to it, and wrap any excess length around the bun.


And that’s it! While the finger waves can be tough, the style itself is really simple so you can skip the waves if you choose. Hope you like the tutorial!

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