Men’s Hairstyles – Gannicus the Gladiator

Men’s Hairstyles – Gannicus the Gladiatorfeatured

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Phew, that was a crazy holiday season for me. Sorry for all the weird timing with videos and things. I actually posted this tutorial about a week ago, but never got around to writing the web post for it. Let’s do that now shall we?

I did my last men’s tutorial way back in April, so it was past due time for another. This video shows a couple easy hairstyles worn by the gladiator Gannicus in the Spartacus prequel season, Gods of the Arena. It features a half up ponytail style (similar to my Dothraki tutorial, actually) as well as a couple French braids, if you want to get slightly more adventurous!

easy Gannicus the gladiator hairstyle for men

Gannicus’ wrapped half up ponytail

braided Gannicus gladiator hairstyle

Gannicus half French Braids

Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: at least shoulder length
Materials: a few small hair elastics
Skills needed: French braid
Time cost: 5-10 minutes
ideal hairtype: any

For the ponytail hairstyle:

Step 1) Gather the hair on top of your head and brush it back to your crown (AKA the top back of your head). Tie this hair with a small hair elastic.

Step 2) Pick up some more hair from the hair line on each side of your face, join these sections to the ponytail behind your head, and secure with another elastic.

Step 3) Pick up one more tier of hair from behind each of your ears, join to the ponytail, and secure with a hair elastic.

Step 4) To make the style look more authentic, find some cord made out of natural fiber. Insert one end into the top elastic to hold it steady, then wrap the rest of the length around the ponytail between the first and third hair elastics. When you reach the end of the cord, stick it into the third elastic to hold it.

For the French braids:

Step 1) Make a center part. Then draw a part from your ear up to the back end of the center part. Do this on both sides of your head, and keep the sections of hair in front of these lines separate from the rest of your hair.

Step 2) In one of these forward sections, pick up some hair at the very front and split into three parts. French braid towards the back of your head (weaving each outside strand over the middle in an alternating pattern, adding more hair to each strand as you do so). French braid in all the hair from the forward section, and then finish the braid normally to the ends or however long you want the braid to be.

Step 3) Repeat with the other forward section to make an identical French braid on the other side of your head. Make sure both braids are the same length.

For a more detailed set of instructions, and for the visual guidance of course, check out the video below!

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