Missandei’s Curly Braid Style

Missandei’s Curly Braid Stylefeatured

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While there are some great hairstyles all across tv and movie these days, there’s actually quite a lack of curly hair. It’s even harder to find black women in media with natural hair. So even though I myself have rather stereotypical Caucasian hair, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some beautiful natural braided hair and make a tutorial for those girls who typically can’t find help styling their super curly hair. I’ve teamed up with Youtuber StyledByKami to do this!

In this collaboration we teach you how to replicate Missandei’s headband braid from Game of Thrones. My video focuses on styling non-black hair and achieving the curl pattern if you don’t have tight coils already, while Kami’s video gives instructions on doing this look in natural black hair. Check em out below!

For my tutorial, the steps are pretty easy.

If you don’t have curly hair like Missandei, or want even tighter texture:

1) Create a radial parting across the top of your head, and then straw curl all of this hair. This hair is for the braid later so we want to keep it distinct to cut down on as much frizzing as possible.

2) To straw curl, divide off 1 centimeter – 1 inch sections of hair and tightly wind these around disposable plastic straws. Use an elastic or bobbypin to hold the end of the hair section onto the straw and secure to the head.

3) Straw curl the rest of the hair, and let the curl set dry either with air or a blow dryer.

To do the braid:

1) Make a radial part if your hair is already curly, or release the radial part straw curls. Protip: braid with a little bit of coconut oil on your hands to cut down on frizz!

2) Grab a little bit of hair from above one ear and split into three sections.

3) French lace braid (strands going over the middle, adding new hair into the forward most strand) over the top of your head. When there’s no more hair to add in from the radial part, braid to the ends and secure with a small hair elastic.

4) If you straw curled your hair, release the rest of your hair now and gently break apart the curls.

5) With some yarn/cord/thread/ribbon, wrap the braid using a knitting needle to sew it through your hair. Wrap the free hanging portion of the braid as well and tuck the end into the hair elastic.

red curly hairstyle

view of the headband braid on curly hair

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