Octavia’s Warrior Hair

Octavia’s Warrior Hairfeatured

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The 100 seems to have a very vocal fan base, because I’ve gotten a lot of requests for Octavia’s hair and then from everyone else, they haven’t heard of the show! After binge watching it for hair research, though, I found the concept really unique. So if you’re a sci fi or dystopian fan, check out the show and come back here to learn Octavia’s hairstyle 🙂

This specifically is what she wears once she’s become integrated with the Grounder way of life. The Grounders and a few of the supporting 100 have really interesting hairstyles, but the lead females don’t really have anything going on, except for Octavia. Which is why in this tutorial, I chose to show you a lot of different variations of the hairstyle that Octavia wears instead of just one. It’s reminiscent of Vikings, but with little changes that make the style it’s own and worth learning!


Difficulty: Moderately Easy – Moderate
Hair Length: at least shoulder length
Materials: small hair elastic(s)
Skills needed: Dutch braid, French fishtail
Time cost: 10-30 minutes
ideal hairtype: straight or wavy


Step 1) Draw a part in your hair from your inner forehead to the outside of your crown.

Step 2) With the top hair pinned away, make a small Dutch braid along that part.

Step 3) Now choose which side braid variation you want to do – one Dutch braid and one normal braid starting from behind the Dutch; two parallel Dutch braids on one side, parallel Dutch braids on both sides, or cross-over Dutch braids. Watch the video to see how to do all these variations!

Step 4) French fishtail the top hair to your crown, and then fishtail braid normally to the ends.

Step 5) Fluff the fishtail braid in the front and down the length to give you volume on top and a disheveled look in the back.

braided hair worn by Octavia in the 100

Look at one variation of Octavia’s warrior braid style


Want more 100 hair? Follow me on Periscope @silvousplaits! I might not be able to make another full tutorial, but on Periscope (which is a live video streaming app) I sometimes do quick tutorials for less popular shows or supporting character styles in popular media so don’t miss that!

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