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Hairstyle inspired by Bifur in the Hobbit

Another Lagertha updo that I'm really fond of, from S3E5. The bun structure is formed with two lace braids from the top of the head (although you can't really see them in this picture), and then the bun is decorated with slide up braids from the side and an infinity braid from the back. Then the rest of the hair is loosely rope braided with a small decorated piece of hair for a couple wraps. Even if this style doesn't get a ton of likes or comments here, I might just make a tutorial for it anyways, haha. I'm a big fan of elegant silhouettes combined with complex detailing. Oh and happy 4th of July to my American followers! ⚪️

It's that time of the month - another tutorial! Check out how to do Lucrezia's hair from the Borgias at (link in bio as well).






Arya's braided bun for sword lessons in Game of Thrones

Lagertha's hair in S3E4, with a massively tall French braid in the middle and side French braids. Find a tutorial for this at I want to thank you guys for getting me to 5,000 IG followers last night! It might not be that much in the grand scheme of things, but I enjoy the picture sharing platform as much as I do making tutorials so it's fun to be reaching new people over here as well as on YouTube!

Princess Kwinthrith's hair in S2E9, featuring loose rope braids from the temples to complement a circlet accessory ending in a loose bun, a couple rope accents, and silver hair beads. As we know more about 10th century Anglo-Saxon women, we can say the show took some liberties with these hairstyles as well. The largest of these is that, due to Norman Christian influence starting in the 7th century, women usually wore their hair covered with cloth (anywhere from a loose scarf to a tightly secured hood like nuns wear, called a wimple). Uncovered hair was only typically displayed by girls. Women often braided their hair underneath the covering for a foundation to pin the cloth too, but it wasn't usually supposed to be seen (although some curling instruments have been found, suggesting some context or type of woman who did show some hair). Thus while Kwinthrith might arguably be one of those women who displayed their hair because she is single and rebellious (and the circlet type accessory was common on both covered and uncovered hair), other Anglo-Saxon women in the show like Judith definitely wouldn't have, so while these hairstyles are beautiful they're not exactly historically accurate.

Downton Abbey hairstyle






Gunnhild's hair in S2E10 of Vikings. Watch a tutorial for this style at This character is loosely based on the historical Gunnhild, who may have lived around 910-980 AD. She wasn't a warrior, but was a wife and mother to kings of Norway. She was also purported to be a powerful and dangerous sorceress, but that's disputable because the sources of those tales, the Icelandic sagas, were written by people exiled from Norway and are thus likely to be exaggerated in terms of her cruelty. I made this hairstyle using my new Irresistible Me hair extensions for added volume, which I just reviewed in a video on my YouTube channel (check the link in my bio to see the review). You can order your own set of extensions like these at and use the code IrresistibleShannon for a 10% discount!

Another Vikings tutorial is up! This one is for a couple braided styles worn by Rollo in seasons 2 and 3. Go to -in-vikings/ to watch it, or click the link in my bio.

Next tutorial is up! It features three elegant updos as seen in Outlander. I feel especially excited about this one, since I love Outlander so much and am in awe over the costuming and general visual artistry. Go see the video at or click the link in my bio.

Bohemian updo, inspired by @goldenlockshs Also, I have a question for you guys. My schtick for years has been fancy hair replications cuz that's what most interested me, but I can do more general hairstyling like this. Would you prefer to see more of these sorts of tutorials on my YouTube? Or is fantasy hairstyling what you come for and that's what you mostly want to see?

This is a recreation of one of the winning entries in my hair accessory giveaway, originally worn on Sienne in the 100. It's an excellent chance to show off the awesome hair beads from To see more fantasy hair accessories and the other winners in my contest, watch my latest YouTube video! Link is on my website as well as my IG bio.