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The CW’s Reign returns for the second half of season three in a couple weeks, so I figured this was a good time to finally make a Reign video that many people have requested.

If you’ve never seen Reign, it’s basically a teen romance/drama set in 16th century Europe during the (fictional) young life of Mary Queen of Scots. It makes no attempt to be historically accurate in costuming, but instead they do a wonderful job of designing beautiful and unique outfits and hairstyles that are history inspired, yet modernly translatable.

The two styles I teach in this tutorial are worn by Olivia d’Amencourt and Queen Mary. These make two great options for fancy, yet delicate half up hairstyles that work great with hair that’s thick or thin. I was going to do add the super braided hairstyle worn by Aylee, but decided that that look deserved a whole other video on its own. So stay tuned for that in the future 🙂

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least arm pit length
Materials: bobby pins, small hair elastics
Skills needed: lace rope braid, English braid
Time cost: 20-45 minutes
ideal hairtype: straight or wavy

For Olivia’s style:

Step 1) Part hair in the center, and make a rope braid with a section of hair from your crown.

Step 2) Make two lace rope braids on either side of your part. These should run down your front hairline until they meet your ear, and then finish as normal rope braids.

Step 3) Coil all these rope braids into rosette shapes and pin to the upper back of your head next to one another.

Step 4) Decorate the rosettes with pearl or jeweled pins if desired!


For Mary’s style:

Step 1) After making a center part, section off a strip of hair on either side that is an inch wide and spans down to your ears along your front hairline.

Step 3) Divide these sections into four equal parts, and make little rope braids with these parts. In all there should be 8 little rope braids at the end, with four on each side of your head.

Step 4) Tie these rope braids together at the upper back of your head. Undo the braiding below the hair tie.

Step 5) Pick up a section of hair from beneath the hairtie, and split into three parts. Drop the rope braid ponytail between two of these parts so that it’s hidden in the final look, and then English braid the three parts to the ends.

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