Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorial

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorialfeatured

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I had to take off for a couple a weeks for personal life stuff, so I haven’t been around Youtube as much lately. But I’m back now with a new original style tutorial!

This video aims to bring the intricacy and beauty of the “Renaissance Faire” style of hair into a manageable format for at home DIY styling. It was requested by one of my patrons over on (if you want your own personalized tutorial, you can sign up here). It’ll be great for you if you’re a fan of ren faires and want to do your own hair, or if you simply want to have that aesthetic with you in your normal life. Check out the quick video below to learn how to do this style.

Oh and by the way, the beautiful hair stick I use in the video was crafted by AKC Woodworking on Etsy. It was one of the prizes in my latest giveaway, but I loved it so much I had to buy my own. Check out their shop if you’re in the market for awesome fantasy-themed hair sticks!

Difficulty: Moderate
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: small hair elastics, bobby pins or a hair stick
Skills needed: French lace braid, French braid, rope braid
Time cost: 15-30 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Step 1) Start with a deep side part.

Step 2) Make a French lace braid running from the inside of this part across the top of your head and down the side to your ear.

Step 3) Once you reach your ear, start adding in hair to both sides of the braid so that it is now a French braid. Also, before adding in hair to the lower strand, split it in half and hold one half out of the way. As you French braid, split off three of these feathered pieces.

Step 4) French braid across the back of your head. When you’ve added in all your remaining hair, finish the braid to the ends and tie off with a small elastic.

Step 5) Turn the feathered pieces into tiny rope braids. These are a classic element of Renaissance Faire updos!

Step 6) Wrap the big braid into an off center bun at the back of your head. Wrap the rope braids around this bun, making sure to let them drape below the bun a bit.

Step 7) Use bobby pins or a hair stick to hold everything in place.

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