Sansa’s Braids in Game of Thrones Season 6

Sansa’s Braids in Game of Thrones Season 6featured

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Game of Thrones season 6 premieres is tonight! Usually before the premiere of each season, I like to make tutorials for the hairstyles we’ve seen in promotional photos and trailers. However for this season, it seems like all our leading ladies are in some sort of messy, disheveled, or shaven state! Only one person is wearing braids of any sort, and that’s Sansa with her simple lace braids and over the shoulder plait. There’s no reason simple can’t be beautiful, though, so let’s learn this hairstyle for the premiere!

Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: small hair elastics
Skills needed: lace braid
Time cost: 10-25 minutes
ideal hair type: any

Step 1) Part your hair in the center, and grab a small bit of hair from your forehead right next to your part. Lace braid backwards by doing a classic three strand pattern, and then also adding in new hair to the strand closest to your part each time you’re about to bring it over the middle strand. Do lace braids like this on both sides of your head.

Step 2) Bring these braids together at the back of your head and tie together with a small hair elastic. Undo any braiding below this elastic. Also, if you’d like to add any decorations, get a hair bead or a small decorative hair clip and attach on top of the hair elastic.

Step 3) Braid the rest of your hair together behind your head for a few stitches, and then bring over your left shoulder to finish the braid to the ends. To make the look more relaxed, slightly pull on sections of the braid to fluff them out.

Sansa’s style can be done really quickly and worn for any occasion, so you can bring Game of Thrones style into your every day life whenever you want! I’m a big fan of Sansa’s hair in general. And not just because she’s a redhead! It’s more because Sansa’s style throughout the show is a great example of storytelling and character development without words. For instance, this style is that it looks a lot like Sansa’s very early Winterfell style in season 1. In her storyline, as she’s trying to blend in to to survive, we can see in her hair that she mimics the regional style of wherever she is. So when she moved to King’s Landing, she had the large hair roll; when Margery came, Sansa wore some loose twists like her; with Baelish, Sansa’s hair looked a lot like Catelyn’s. And now that she’s back in the North trying to survive her crazy new husband, she’s wearing a Northern braid style again. Major props to the hairstyling team on Game of Thrones for not only creating lovely hairstyles, but for their skill in implicit character development! 

Are you doing anything special for the premiere? It’s a big one, after all, since we no longer know from the books what will happen 🙂 Leave a comment and share if you like this look and if you’re excited for season 6!


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