Sansa’s Winterfell Wedding Updo

Sansa’s Winterfell Wedding Updofeatured

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So, that scene. You know, the one that made Game of Thrones imdb rating drop from 9 to 6 in one night.


If you aren’t immediately familiar with what I’m saying, I’m alluding to the final scene of Game of Thrones season 5, episode 6, where the fan-favorite Sansa Stark is raped by her new husband Ramsay (Snow)Bolton. This scene has been heavily analyzed and criticized for its handling of such a serious topic (with many thoughtful points addressed from multiple viewpoints).


I don’t wish to detract from this discussion, but instead would like to celebrate the continued excellence of the hairstyling and costuming department. Despite the dark and controversial experiences the writers choose to give the characters on the show, the costumes and hairstyles continually inspire wonder for us in this strange fantasy place and create nuanced characterization for the people in the world. Thus, here’s my replication of Sansa’s Winterfell Wedding updo – a beautiful hairstyle divorced from context, as well as an expression of Sansa as a strong and elegant person surviving hideous and imprisoning circumstances.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Hair Length: at least mid-torso
Materials: bobbypins, 4 small hair elastics
Skills needed: English braid
Time cost: 15-40 minutes
Ideal hairtype: any

Step 1) create two small English braids at the nape of your neck.

Step 2) Turn the rest of your hair into two large English braids, starting low on the back of your head and separated by a center part.

Step 3) Spiral these large braids around their individual roots (wrapping the left one clockwise and the right one counter clockwise).

Step 4) Pin the rest of these large braids over the top of your head.

Step 5) Pin the small braids over the top of your head as well, next to and in front of the large braids.


Sansa Stark's wedding hairstyle

Close up of Sansa’s braided wedding hair in Game of Thrones


As I mention in the video, my replication doesn’t look exactly like Sansa’s hair, especially in the crown braids at the top of my head, because my hair isn’t as thick as Sophie Turner’s so my braids aren’t as large. If your hair is on the thin side like mine and you’d like larger braids, consider forgoing the small braids so you have more hair for the large ones, or add in some hair extensions. Additionally, Sansa’s hair is very polished in this scene with no strand out of place. To ensure yours is as neat as that, use oil or pomade on your hair as you braid it.


Have any thoughts on this hairstyle or this episode in general? Let me know in the comments!

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