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Amy Bailey on Viking Braids for Short Hair

Amy Bailey on Viking Braids for Short Hairfeatured

by In most tv shows and movies, fancy braiding only happens on long hair. While watching the History Channel’s show Vikings, it’s hard not to notice the long lengths of hair that fall down the actors’ backs and the thick piles of braids on their heads. However, I recently sat down with Amy Bailey, who plays Queen Read more

Elven Warrior Braid

Elven Warrior Braidfeatured

by It’s been a while since my last pictorial, so let’s fix that shall we. This style isn’t from any show or movie specifically, but it draws heavy inspiration from both the Lord of the Rings look and high fantasy art. This is for all of you who want the pointed shape and textured braids of Read more

Missandei’s Curly Braid Style

Missandei’s Curly Braid Stylefeatured

by While there are some great hairstyles all across tv and movie these days, there’s actually quite a lack of curly hair. It’s even harder to find black women in media with natural hair. So even though I myself have rather stereotypical Caucasian hair, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some beautiful natural braided Read more

Lagertha’s Vikings French Braid

Lagertha’s Vikings French Braidfeatured

by This past summer (that’s right, summer’s pretty much over!! *sad face*) on my Instagram page, I embarked on a project to do one hairstyle from every episode of Vikings. I’ve done this before with Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, and even though it’s a lot of work, at the end I Read more

Arya’s Braavos Braids

Arya’s Braavos Braidsfeatured

by We are getting ever closer to the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones! Less than two weeks now! Here’s another tutorial for a style seen in behind the scenes photos, but this one is even more exciting because Arya is finally wearing braids again for the first time in four years! (Geez has Read more