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Elven Warrior Braid

Elven Warrior Braidfeatured

by It’s been a while since my last pictorial, so let’s fix that shall we. This style isn’t from any show or movie specifically, but it draws heavy inspiration from both the Lord of the Rings look and high fantasy art. This is for all of you who want the pointed shape and textured braids of Read more

Giulia Farnese Renaissance Updo

Giulia Farnese Renaissance Updofeatured

by It’s time for another historical updo! (A good time to put your new bobby pin skills into action!) In the Showtime series the Borgias, Giulia Farnese is the Pope’s (current) mistress. Thus she has all the mystique and elegance afforded by her unique situation. This style is a great way to capture some of that Read more