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Elven Warrior Braid

Elven Warrior Braidfeatured

by It’s been a while since my last pictorial, so let’s fix that shall we. This style isn’t from any show or movie specifically, but it draws heavy inspiration from both the Lord of the Rings look and high fantasy art. This is for all of you who want the pointed shape and textured braids of Read more

Rey’s Hair in the New Star Wars Movie

Rey’s Hair in the New Star Wars Moviefeatured

by I’m very excited for December this year. Sure, there’s Christmas and the chance to annoy all my relatives with incessant Christmas music on my Pandora, but we’ve got an extra special present coming this time around. On December 17, the new Star Wars movie premieres – Episode VII, the Force Awakens! In anticipation of this, I’ve Read more

Hairstyle from Princess Kwenthrith

Hairstyle from Princess Kwenthrithfeatured

by Lots of people first think of Lagertha as having the awesome hair on Vikings. But a lot of the other women have great styles too! For instance, Princess Kwentrith. In season 3 we spent a fair amount of time with her as she sailed around with Ragnar in all her crazy glory. This style Read more

The Best Etsy Shops for Hair Accessories

The Best Etsy Shops for Hair Accessoriesfeatured

by Recently on my Youtube channel I opened up a giveaway featuring tons of fantasy hair accessory prizes. The purpose of today’s post is to go more in depth into where these “pretties” came from, and why I love these shops the most out of anywhere to get my hair accessories! Most of the tutorials Read more

Lagertha’s Vikings French Braid

Lagertha’s Vikings French Braidfeatured

by This past summer (that’s right, summer’s pretty much over!! *sad face*) on my Instagram page, I embarked on a project to do one hairstyle from every episode of Vikings. I’ve done this before with Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, and even though it’s a lot of work, at the end I Read more