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Reign Hairstyle Tutorial

Reign Hairstyle Tutorialfeatured

by The CW’s Reign returns for the second half of season three in a couple weeks, so I figured this was a good time to finally make a Reign video that many people have requested. If you’ve never seen Reign, it’s basically a teen romance/drama set in 16th century Europe during the (fictional) young life Read more

Lexa’s Edgy Grounder Hairstyle

Lexa’s Edgy Grounder Hairstylefeatured

by The 100 on the CW network just started its third season and is becoming increasingly popular as a post-apocalyptic drama show. One of the main characters, Commander Lexa of the Grounders, is also becoming increasingly popular with the fans. So today, we’re going to do her textured and edgy hairstyle. In order to make Read more

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorial

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorialfeatured

by I had to take off for a couple a weeks for personal life stuff, so I haven’t been around Youtube as much lately. But I’m back now with a new original style tutorial! This video aims to bring the intricacy and beauty of the “Renaissance Faire” style of hair into a manageable format for Read more

Rey’s Hair in the New Star Wars Movie

Rey’s Hair in the New Star Wars Moviefeatured

by I’m very excited for December this year. Sure, there’s Christmas and the chance to annoy all my relatives with incessant Christmas music on my Pandora, but we’ve got an extra special present coming this time around. On December 17, the new Star Wars movie premieres – Episode VII, the Force Awakens! In anticipation of this, I’ve Read more

Hairstyle from Princess Kwenthrith

Hairstyle from Princess Kwenthrithfeatured

by Lots of people first think of Lagertha as having the awesome hair on Vikings. But a lot of the other women have great styles too! For instance, Princess Kwentrith. In season 3 we spent a fair amount of time with her as she sailed around with Ragnar in all her crazy glory. This style Read more

Padmé in Attack of the Clones

Padmé in Attack of the Clonesfeatured

by Hope you’re as excited for the new Star Wars movie as I am! We’ve still got a few months before Episode VII: the Force Awakens comes to theaters (two months and ten days to be exact, but who’s counting…) so we have time to get into the spirit of things with some hair from Read more

Missandei’s Curly Braid Style

Missandei’s Curly Braid Stylefeatured

by While there are some great hairstyles all across tv and movie these days, there’s actually quite a lack of curly hair. It’s even harder to find black women in media with natural hair. So even though I myself have rather stereotypical Caucasian hair, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some beautiful natural braided Read more