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Reign Hairstyle Tutorial

Reign Hairstyle Tutorialfeatured

by The CW’s Reign returns for the second half of season three in a couple weeks, so I figured this was a good time to finally make a Reign video that many people have requested. If you’ve never seen Reign, it’s basically a teen romance/drama set in 16th century Europe during the (fictional) young life Read more

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorial

Renaissance Faire Updo Tutorialfeatured

by I had to take off for a couple a weeks for personal life stuff, so I haven’t been around Youtube as much lately. But I’m back now with a new original style tutorial! This video aims to bring the intricacy and beauty of the “Renaissance Faire” style of hair into a manageable format for Read more

Giulia Farnese Renaissance Updo

Giulia Farnese Renaissance Updofeatured

by It’s time for another historical updo! (A good time to put your new bobby pin skills into action!) In the Showtime series the Borgias, Giulia Farnese is the Pope’s (current) mistress. Thus she has all the mystique and elegance afforded by her unique situation. This style is a great way to capture some of that Read more

Padmé in Attack of the Clones

Padmé in Attack of the Clonesfeatured

by Hope you’re as excited for the new Star Wars movie as I am! We’ve still got a few months before Episode VII: the Force Awakens comes to theaters (two months and ten days to be exact, but who’s counting…) so we have time to get into the spirit of things with some hair from Read more