Tauriel’s Hair in the Hobbit

Tauriel’s Hair in the Hobbitfeatured

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Tauriel is a controversial figure in the world of Peter Jackson / Tolkien adaptions. For one, she’s not in the original story, so Tolkien purists may dislike her invention. Others appreciate the attempt to add more female characters to popular media, but feel like her ultimate roll as a point in a love triangle diminishes her potential. Still others adore her and fiercely defend her.

However, I and many others absolutely adore her from an aesthetic point of view – the costuming, hair, and makeup are very gorgeous. The hairstyle especially looks quite Elvish and elegant, but also evokes her warrior identity by being sturdy (none of this fragile Elrond nonsense) and resembling armor on top of the head. So, for your styling pleasure, here’s a tutorial on how to get Tauriel’s hair in the Hobbit!

1) Create a center part, then pick up little sections of hair from just in front of your ear on either side of your head and keep them out of the way.

2) With the hair along the hairline just above this small section, pick up a small amount, split into three parts, and begin French lace braiding upwards. Add in hair to the inner side of the braid from your hairline and eventually from your part once you get there. Direct the lace braid up and toward the center of your crown (with this placement, the finished lace braids look like the outlines of a triangle on top of the head). Once you get to the center of your crown where your part disappears, stop adding in new hair and braid a bit further to keep this braid secure.

3) Make another lace braid on the other side of your head that is a mirror image with the same placement. Once finished, tie both braids together with an elastic at the back of the head and undo any braiding below this tie.

4) Now fishtail braid the hair below the hair tie.

5) Grab a bit of hair from just behind where you started the lace braids, split in half, and rope braid to the ends. Make another rope braid on the other side of your head.

6) Secure both of these rope braids to the fishtail in the back at a point that is about two thirds of the way down the back of your head. Undo any braiding below this tie, and you’re finished!

What do you think of this hairstyle? Have a strong opinion about Tauriel? Tell me about it in the comments!

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