The Best Etsy Shops for Hair Accessories

The Best Etsy Shops for Hair Accessoriesfeatured

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Recently on my Youtube channel I opened up a giveaway featuring tons of fantasy hair accessory prizes. The purpose of today’s post is to go more in depth into where these “pretties” came from, and why I love these shops the most out of anywhere to get my hair accessories!

Most of the tutorials I do are based in the fantasy, sci-fi, or historical aesthetic, and sometimes that look requires accessory additions like sticks, combs, pins, headbands, etc. in order to transcend the sense of “everyday hair.” You can get basic accessories at major beauty suppliers, but I much prefer to use Etsy because of the variety of styles, the product quality, and the excellent customer service. The shops below are my top 6 on the website, so keep reading to see where I shop for accessories and watch the video at the bottom of the page to see them in action!

1. AKC Woodworking

fantasy hair sticks

Pirate cutlass and Gandalf’s staff hair sticks from AKC Woodworking

This shop focuses on hand carved hair sticks that depict lots of fantasy franchises. And I mean lots. The two sticks in the picture above are a pirate cutlass and Gandalf’s staff from Lord of the Rings, but there’s also Lord of the Rings swords, Game of Thrones sigils, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, some celtic patterns, even Assassin’s Creed! The shop really covers a lot of fandoms. And the sticks don’t just look cool, they’re made out of several different kinds of quality wood and they come in multiple lengths so you can still use them even if you have thin and short hair or really thick and long locks. The store owner also told me that all the curved sticks like the pirate cutlass have phenomenal hold – much better than a regular straight stick.

2. Kingsfield Inn

sailor moon hair accessory

Sailor Moon circlet from Kingsfield Inn

Kingsfield Inn makes jewelry primarily, but that includes circlets and headbands and more. Most of the items aren’t themed to go with a specific franchise (except her Sailor Moon stuff, which you can see an example of in the picture above), but you can easily use them for anything medieval, Elven, etc. In other words, a great resource for cosplay! Plus the items are pretty darn affordable compared to other places on Etsy where you can easily reach into the hundreds of dollars for circlets.

3. Dwarvendom

dwarf hair beads

hair beads from Dwarvendom

My third favorite shop is called Dwarvendom. This shop is on the more specialized side because they only make hair beads, but personally I use their beads more than any other accessory I have so they’re definitely a favorite. The beads are designed to resemble the accessories from Middle Earth so they have all these different patterns named after dwarves from the Hobbit. They come in both gold and silver and in different sizes so you can get anything from the 10mm Oakenshield bead to the 4mm Balin and Ori beads. Plus, when I bought these they came with several pins that help you put the beads on and secure braids with no elastics, so that’s pretty neat.

4. My Lavaliere

Some headbands and hair pins from My Lavaliere

Some headbands and hair pins from My Lavaliere

If you’re looking for accessories that are less renaissance and more modern, Victorian, gothic, or art nouveau, you should check out My Lavaliere. This artist also makes jewelry on top of her headbands and hair pins. The metal work is top quality, so I personally would love to wear these accessories for anything vintage-themed, like a Downton Abbey recreation or a flapper outfit. She’s even got this adorable little bat headband, if you’re looking for something classy to do for Halloween!

5. Schmucktruhe

Examples of a hair barrette and hair comb from Schmucktruhe

Examples of a hair barrette and hair comb from Schmucktruhe

This shop is called Schmucktruhe, or “jewelry box” in German. She creates elaborate jewelry including hair combs and barrettes. The style of these feels 19th century European aristocracy to me, so they’re an excellent addition to a hairstyle meant to embody luxury. Again, the metal work is superb which is what drew me to the shop in the first place, and there’s a big variety of items to choose from.

6. Thyme2Dream

Woodland Elven circlet from Thyme2Dream

Woodland Elven circlet from Thyme2Dream

And finally, my last favorite Etsy shop is called Thyme2Dream. First off, of course I had to appreciate another artist with a pun for a name. Secondly, this couple makes fantasy circlets, ear cuffs, and other jewelry of the sort and I am all about that look! You could get something that resembles a woodland fairy, or like Arwyn’s headdress at the end of Return of the King in Lord of the Rings. The circlet above would work perfectly with my Eowyn tutorial. If you’re thinking Renaissance Faire, fantasy wedding, druidic fashion, or the like, this shop is recommend for you!

I linked to the Etsy page of all these shops in this post, so visit them to see all they have to offer. You can also watch this video where I show some of the accessories in action!

Happy shopping!

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