Tips & Tricks for Using Hairspray More Effectively

Tips & Tricks for Using Hairspray More Effectivelyfeatured

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Think you know all the ways you can use hairspray? Think again!

Many of us only ever learned to use hairspray as a style setting tool – put your hair up, spray all over, and hope it stays. So in this Hair Tricks & Tips video I want to help you expand your capabilities with hairspray and use it much more effectively! Check out the full video here, or read below for text instructions 🙂

This video is sponsored by eSalon, so I’m using their Never Let Me Go hairspray. I like it because of it’s firm hold, quick drying spray, and even fine mist that it produces. If you want to get some of your own, go to and use “silvousplaits” as a promo code to get $5 off any product that isn’t hair dye.

Tip #1: Getting Long-Lasting Curls

1. Pick up a small section of hair, and liberally coat with hairspray. Keep the spray bottle at least 6 inches from the hair so you don’t over-saturate one spot.

2. Wrap hair section around hot styling tool, and hold for 10-20 seconds (the thinner your hair, the less time you hold it).

3. Slide hair coil off the tool, but hold it in this curled shape and pin to your head. Let it cool here. Repeat with all the hair you want to curl.

4. Once cooled, remove the pin. Squeeze the coil in your hand to keep the curl from being crunchy, then let it fall. You can either fan the hair out carefully with your hands for a tighter curl or brush through it for looser waves.


Tip #2: More Volume

1. To get more volume at the roots of your hair, lift up a section about an inch thick and hairspray the roots.

2. Back comb this hair underneath at the roots.

3. Drop the hair now, and you’ll have more volume! You can smooth over the top with a comb, just don’t push the comb all the way through the hair and comb out the teasing.


Tip #3: Control Frizz in Loose Hairstyles

1. If you have a loose style where brush back frizz would destroy the look, you can spritz some hairspray on a loose powder makeup brush.

2. Then gently brush this over the style to smooth down individual frizzy strands but not break down the overall style.


Tip #4: Handle Baby Hairs

1. Spritz some hairspray on a clean toothbrush.

2. With short strokes, brush back the baby hairs around your hairline. This can also be done with bangs if you want to tuck those into updos as well.

Want to learn hair tricks and styling advice for anything else? Let me know! Leave a comment below!

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