Vikings Hairstyling – Tutorial for Torvi’s Basketweave Braid

Vikings Hairstyling – Tutorial for Torvi’s Basketweave Braidfeatured

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On the History Channel’s series Vikings, Torvi has some of the most complicated and mesmerizing hairstyles on the entire show. They’re a great example of how hairstyling can transcend the label of an every-day grooming activity and become visual art. So because we’re lovers of art, Vikings, and a good challenge (or masochists? Haven’t decided yet), here’s a do it yourself tutorial for one of Torvi’s show-stopping looks.

Specifically, this video is on the very first hairstyle we ever see on Torvi, in season 2. It features a basketweave braid as a center piece, with lots of intricate accent braids. If you don’t know how to do a basketweave braid, I have a fundamental tutorial on it here. Otherwise, let’s get start doing Torvi’s hair!

Difficulty: Hard
Hair Length: at least armpit length
Materials: small hair elastics, hair clips
Skills needed: English braid, lace rope braid, basketweave
Time cost: 30-60 minutes
ideal hair type: straight or wavy

Step 1) Make two small regular English braids on either side of a center part. These should be an inch or two back from the forehead.

Step 2) Draw a part from right underneath one of these braids down to right behind your ear. Make the same part on the other side of your head. With the hair in front of these parts, create a lace rope braid on each side of your head. When there’s no more hair to add in, join both strands of the rope braid together and pick up the small English braid as the new second strand. Then rope braid these together to the ends.

Step 3) Draw another part from one ear, up to the crown of your head, and back down to your other ear. Clip up the hair above this for now, tie off the hair below, and then tie together your rope braids with a small hair elastic at the lower back of your head.

Step 4) Unclip the top section of hair now. Divide it in half vertically. Then divide both of these halves further into four or five even sections. You can put a hair clip on each one of these sections to keep them distinct. Basketweave these sections together. Again, to learn to basketweave, go here!

Step 5) When your basketweave is finished, clip the inner strands together for now. With the right outer strands, thread them through the rope braid on that side of the head, about an inch behind your ear. Do the same with the left outer strands.

Step 6) Then, unclip the inner strands. Thread the right inner strands through the rope braid as well a little closer to the center of the head, and then English braid these strands together to the ends. Also thread the left inner strands through the rope braid, and English braid these strands to the ends.

Step 7) Cross these English braids over, under, and over the ponytail made by the joined rope braids. Then tie these English braids together behind that ponytail.

Step 8) Finally, Add a few small accent braids (of the English or rope variety) to the hair that is still hanging free. And you’re finished!

As always, thanks for stopping by! And if you have any comments on this style or suggestions leave a comment below. Good luck braiding!

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