Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstyle

Versatile Braid Mohawk Hairstylefeatured

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In case you haven’t noticed, a big trend in the hairstyling industry right now is the fluffy, deconstructed braid look – especially with the braid mohawk look. Visual intricacy and detail is my artistic aesthetic 100%, so I’m totally on board with the piecy-ness and organic shape that comes with it.

Now that summer is here (unless you attend a UC like in which case there’s still three more weeks of exams and tears), and weddings/sundresses/street fairs/whatever are happening, I wanted to show you a unique braid mohawk updo design in this style of braiding. It’s super versatile, easily styled so that it looks soft and romantic or gritty and edgy. Check it out in the video below!

Text instructions:

Step 1) Make a French fishtail from the forehead down to the back of your head, but split off huge chunks from the outside of the strands rather than little bits so that these chunks look like the strands in a French braid. Tug on these sections a bit once you’ve braided them in order to fluff the braid.

Step 2) When there’s no more hair to add into the French fishtail, turn each of the two strands you’re still holding into rope braids.

Step 3) Pin these rope braids up along each side of the French fishtail. Tuck the ends of the rope braids into the fluffy braid to hide the elastics.

Step 4) Include any pins, beads, etc. that you like! I recommend finding something from one of these Etsy shops that specialize in hair accessories.

Simple right? The French fishtail is the hardest part here, so if you’re already familiar with that technique then you are good to go. This whole style will probably take you somewhere between 15 and 40 minutes depending on how long your hair is and how fast you braid.

So what do you think? Do you prefer sweet or edgy? Do you have any occasions this summer where this would work nicely? Let me know and tag me in any photos you’d like to share!


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